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Introduction Video: Innovative Instructional Technologies (YouTube Video14:46 Minutes)


Video: The Reflection Process Explained (Video 8:43 Min.)

  Information to complete your reflections may be found on the Moodle site.  There are 10 Article Reflections, 1 reflection on What is Flipped Learning (to be completed during the first week of class), and 1 reflection on Project Based Learning (to be completed during the second week of class).  Complete these reflections based on the directions given on the Moodle website.  
Reflective assignments may include various articles within different formats, e.g., HTML, Adobe Reader, Web pages, etc. A goal of this course is to provide individuals with the ability to access information from the Internet. The delivery of this course content is very similar to a virtual classroom; therefore, it is important to retrieve this information independently. Printing documents from this Website is acceptable. However, if at all possible try to read the documents directly from the Internet.   
  Writing reflections requires the ability to identify the topic or thesis statement of the article.  When completing your reflections, stay within the parameter of the thesis statement.  The reflection should not contain your opinions or broad statements that are out of context.  Generalized or rhetorical statements should also be avoided.  
  For this course, we are using an online Moodle Forum (web discussion). You should be able to log into your Moodle site to access the Reflection Course Content.  The Mooldle site will be listed as EDUC216/515 SU15. If you have difficulty logging into the Moodle site, please send an e-mail to Mike Verna ( and request his assistance for logging into Moodle. He is usually very fast at responding to your request.  
  Downloadable Applications:  
Download Firefox

Instructions for adding the "add-ons" application (essential for downloading videos)

  Open Office  
  Free Office Suite for Students  
  Free MS Software for Students  

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• Follow the online instructions

  Technology Methods for this Course  
Each of the links below represent a component of the course assignments. At the conclusion of this course, pre-service teachers should be able to demonstrate proficiency within the following methodoligies-

Website Creation


Interactive Whiteboard


Plickers Assignment




Copyright Laws


Data Collection/Management






Technology Integration in the Classroom

  Weekly Assignments:  
  The weekly assignments may be found on the Innovative Instructional Technologies webpage.  The Reflections will be assigned on a weekly basis.  Completing the reflections and other assignments for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5 will be used to record attendance.  In addition, the length of this course may vary with your type of degree.  
Tusculum Moodle Website - Use this link to access and post Reflections and other assignments.
Check-Off Sheet
  Interactive Whiteboard Training  
  Students registered in this class are required to Log 1.5 hours of time using any of the Interactive Whiteboard platforms listed below.  This may be completed using any available classroom located at Tusculum's campuses, or in any public school classroom.  Please use the Whiteboard Training Login link to begin your time and the Whiteboard Training Logout link to logout.  It is very important to use the "logout" form when finished.  Traning manuals, for each of the platforms, are available (below) to guide you through this process.  
  Interactive Whiteboard Training Manuals  

Smart Board Training Manual


Promethean Board Training Manual


eInstruction Board Training Manual


Please remember to "Login" to start the time, and "Logout" to stop the time using the links (below).

Whiteboard Training Login (Use this link to login your time to complete the Interactive Whiteboard Training)

Whiteboard Training Logout (Use this link to logout your time to complete the Interactive Whiteboard Training)



  Additional Links  
  Digital Portfolios: The Art of Reflection  

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