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Chapter 3: Engaging People's Strengths

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Purpose for these assignments


1.  To develop an understanding of your leadership strengths.


2.  To rank your strengths in selected areas of performance.

  Assignment 3A: Reflection and Action Worksheet  



1.  Download and complete the 3.2 Leadership Strengths Questionnaire.  You will need to use these data to complete the 3.4 Reflection and Action Worksheet.


2.  Download and complete the 3.4 Reflection and Action Worksheet.  When completed, upload the document to the Moodle website.


Remember to complete the document using all of the all of the available chapter resources.

  Supporting Videos  

Joe Folkman: Strengths Based Leadership (Video 6:01 Min.)


Martin Seligman: The New Era of Positive Psychology (Video 23:42 Min.)

  Supplemental Reading  

Inter-Leadership: Why & How Should We Think of Leadership & Followership Integrally?