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  Chapter 9: Listening to Out-Group Members  

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Purpose for these assignments


1.  To identify your attitudes toward out-group members.


2.  To explore how you, as a leader, respond to members of the out-group.


Assignment 9A: Building Community Questionnaire




1.  Place yourself in the role of a leader when responding to this questionnaire.


2.  For each of the statements found on the questionnaire, circle the number that indicates the degree to which you agree or disagree.


3.  Score the questionnaire as described on the document.


4.  Download the 9.2 Building Community Questionnaire and complete the questionnaire.

Assignment 9B: Reflection and Action Worksheet



1. Using the results that you obtain for the 9.2 Building Community Questionnaire (above), download and complete the 9.4 Relection and Action Worksheet.  When completed, upload the document to the Moodle site.


Remember to complete the document using all of the all of the available chapter resources. 

  Supporting Videos  

Abraham Lincoln - The Call of Leadership (Video 1:27 Min.)


Leadership Training - Active Listening (Video 2:20 Min.)


Group Identity - Ingroup and Outgroup Formation (Video 4:29 Min.)

  Supplemental Reading  

A Multiple-Level Theory of Leadership: The Impact of Culture as a Moderator


Prospects for Group Processes and Intergroup Relations Research