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Literacy in Science and Math (To be completed with PBL activities)

One goal of Project/Problem Based Learning (PBL) activities is to integrate the literacy component within the instructional process.  This may be accomplished by integrating a writing component using either the Science Lab Report or the Science Lab Report Template within the PBL exercises.


The haptics of writing is also important when considering Brain Based Learning.  Because of this, student lab reports should be handwritten.  Ruled paper should be used and a loose leaf notebook is ideal for collecting and storing students work.

We will also use a Rubric to guide students while creating their Laboratory Reports. 


The appropriate use of vocabulary is an important component of this course work.  For Example, the "Analysis" section of the Rubric requires the use "vocabulary words" as a requirement for grading.  Lists of grade level and subject specific vocabulary words may be found at the website of Iredell - Statesville Schools.

  The Scientific Method  
  Scientific Method Variables