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Chapter 1: Understanding Leadership

Ask the Author Video


Purpose for these assignments


1.  To identify how you view leadership.

2.  To explore your perceptions on the different aspects of leadership.

   Read Chapter 1, view the Supporting Videos, and review the Supplemental Reading for each chapter.  
  Assignment 1A: Conceptualizing Leadership Questionnaire  



1.  As a frontloading exercise, do not answer the questions on the questionnaire until you have the opportunity to preview the questions found on the 1.4 Conceptualizing Leadership Reflection document.  


2.  Review  the Supplemental Reading documents and watch the Supporting Videos (below).


3.  After completing the preview of the reflection, download and complete the 1.2 Conceptualizing Leadership Questionnaire

Assignment 1B: Conceptualizing Leadership Reflection



Using the results that you obtain from the questionnaire (above), download and complete the questions found on the 1.4 Conceptualizing Leadership Reflection document.  When completed, upload the document to the Moodle site.  Remember to complete the document using all of the all of the available chapter resources.

Supporting Videos

What is Leadership? (Video 05:43 min.)

John Maxwell The 5 Levels of Leadership (Video 27:24 min.)

Bill Gates's Top 10 Rules for Success (Video 012:53 min.)

The New Leadership Approach (Video 00:49 min.)


What is Leadership  (Video 01:02 min.)


Teamwork and Collaboration (Video 06:28 min.)

A Definition of Leadership (Video 2:10 min.)

Supplemental Reading  

Personality Theories of Leadership

Contemporary Leadership Theories

French and Raven’s Seven Power Bases


Situational Leadership